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Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009

Smarter Technology Virtual Conference Center by Ziff Davis

"NEW YORK, July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Ziff Davis Enterprise, a leader in innovative enterprise IT editorial content and engagement solutions, announced today the launch of the Smarter Technology Virtual Conference Center, a 3D interactive environment that offers users two ways to engage with presenters, network with peers, and interact with tools and demos that illustrate specific topics, technology and issues tied to their Smarter Technology content initiative.

The Smarter Technology Virtual Conference Center is part of Smarter Technology (, an editorial website and online community formed to drive high-level discussions surrounding the rapid change and evolution of technology in today's complex world. Smarter Technology addresses all the areas of change facing today's enterprise IT departments, and the impact of fast-changing technology on all aspects of the enterprise from organizational capability to efficiency, strategy, process and sustainability." (

"This is Smarter Technology Virtual - a hybrid interactive environment combining the web's ease-of-use with the surprising power of immersive 3D virtual reality. By registering and becoming part of our community, you can join us here, on this website, for live events via video, and network with Smarter Technology editors, speakers and other attendees. Alternatively, those equipped with powerful PCs, headsets, and a desire for more immersive experience may wish to join us live at our Conference Center in Second Life™, a 3D interactive environment equipped with high-fidelity IP voice and multimedia." (

[Sponsored by IBM]

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