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Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

भारत में दूसरा जीवन

India in Second Life

"‘Metamersive™ Learning Spaces’ (MLS) is our solution for the Education and Training sector. MLS looks to improve delivery of education and training through interactive, multi-user, real time virtual spaces. It will enable learning and collaboration for institutions and organizations in rich 3D environments. MLS will be available both as Software as a Service (SaaS) and as Licensed software.


* Virtual classroom environment completely equipped with a slideshow presenter, audio/video sharing, text and voice chat.

* Immersive, interactive learning environments. Example: 3D recreation of ancient Rome for history students

* Testing, assessment and tracking system."


Indusgeeks is a Gold Solution Provider for Second Life.

Teleport 2 Second Life

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