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Freitag, 22. Januar 2010

Second Life 2.0 Viewer

"With Viewer 2, our revamped web site, a new Orientation Island and much more, we've taken a step back and tried to create an end-to-end experience that will be much more compelling and relevant for a new Resident. There's still more to do, but we believe we've made a pretty dramatic step forward.

But what about existing Residents?

When Viewer 2 ships, some current Residents will find it frustrating. While we have kept almost all existing functionality, the UI has changed dramatically. It looks different. Menus have moved. There are new ways of interacting and communicating. If you've come to know and love the existing user interface, it may be a challenging transition. (...)

The current viewer, version 1.23, will not go away any time soon. In the earliest case, following the policy T described here, 1.23 will be around until 30 days after we ship Viewer 2.1 (our first update to the new viewer), about a quarter after delivery of Viewer 2. Even then, there will continue to be open source viewers based on the 1.23 code base available for users who wish to continue using them.

Open Source is a Big Deal

Like previous viewers, Viewer 2 will be released to open source. We've got a bit of work to do to rebase Snowglobe off of the Viewer 2 code base and merge in Snowglobe changes, but we're on it."

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