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Donnerstag, 12. März 2009

MMOX: Politics and Interoperability Standards

MMOX (Massive Multiplayer Online X) -Standards auf der 74. IETF (22.-27. März 2009/San Francisco).

Es geht zur Sache, wie Gwyn ausführlich erklärt:

After a long period of discussion at the Architecture Working Group, which was trying to establish the ground-works of the Open Grid Protocol — a set of communication protocols defining a way for grids ran by different operators to interconnect and allow people to jump (teleport) from one to another, as well as to exchange content among them — Linden Lab has decided to make a big, bold step ahead: after 16 months of discussion, mostly led by Zero Linden (at his office hours) and IBM’s Zha Ewry, they submitted the discussion over the metaverse interoperability to one standards-defining body, the Internet Engineering Task Force, which is credited with establishing the interoperability protocols that made the Internet what it is today.

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