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Dienstag, 24. März 2009

Glasshouse: 3d Charts & Graphs in Second Life

"The Glasshouse software takes Presentations in Second Life to a whole nother level. Using the Glasshouse software in Second Life you can visualize and manipulate data from a spreadsheet or database into a 3d representation in the virtual world."*

* via [Now inside the tool bar 4 SL]

Glasshouse was created by Green Phosphor:

"Content Injection and Control Protocol allows applications to place interactive content into virtual worlds.
CICP is HTTP for virtual worlds. We've implemented CICP for Sun Wonderland, and released it under the GPL. We've implemented it in Second Life with the help of a Java servlet and released it under a BSD license. The CICP spec and Second Life CICP script can be found here. We have a pending patent application which covers CICP and which we license free for anyone to use. We are working with a major enterprise virtual world vendor to add CICP there as well."

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