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Samstag, 20. Juni 2009

Exploring Blue Mars


"Blue Mars is the premiere new free to play massively multiplayer virtual worlds (MMVW) platform that offers game developers, digital entrepreneurs, educators, and corporations unique new ways to play, profit, learn, and collaborate. Using Blue Mars, businesses can develop their own cities, games, digital goods, experiments, and social exhibitions for massive worldwide audiences.

Blue Mars features class leading CryENGINE™2 powered graphics for breathtakingly realistic avatars and environments. The engine has been enhanced with custom hair, skin, and cloth shaders along with multi-threaded performance optimizations and MMO server integration.

Unlike legacy 3D virtual worlds, the Blue Mars platform supports thousands of simultaneous users per region. Using Blue Mars, content developers can create truly scalable attractions without worrying about turning customers away because of restrictive user limits.

Blue Mars has been built from the ground up to give developers the ability to customize and extend the world to suit their needs. Animations, interfaces, avatars, gameplay, behaviors, tracking, content permissions, and feedback can all be modified by city developers.
Security and Brand Management

Blue Mars’s robust content management system gives IP holders the control they need to protect their users and their brands from inappropriate content. Furthermore, all virtual items and attractions must be registered in the Blue Mars secure server environment to deter theft and illegal transactions.
Transaction Platform

The platform’s secure transaction backend supports micro-transactions, pay to play, trial to buy, and subscription services so developers can choose the business model that suits them the best.
Industry Standard Content Creation Pipeline

The Blue Mars asset pipeline supports industry standard digital content creation tools like 3DSMax and Maya along with Flash based HUD and UI elements.
Real time Analysis of Player Activity and Behavior

Blue Mars incorporates the Complex Event Processing technology, developed by StreamBase, which enables real-time analysis of player activity and behavior. Businesses and developers can track user participation and respond instantly to in-world conditions."


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