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Freitag, 19. Juni 2009

Copybot deluxe by Adam Frisby

"(...) I’d need to recover what I could from my inventory and do painstaking rebuilding work, if it was possible at all.

This is the problem with SL - the moment something is deleted, or a region is shut down - it’s almost always gone forever. If you wanted to revisit a earlier incarnation of Nexus Prime, or parts of SL’s ancient history - you are out of luck, as there’s a very solid chance those places are simply irrecoverable and lost to the sands of time. As digital data, there should be no good reason for this - disk space is cheap, and sims are small. (...)

The problem isn’t so much that SL doesn’t store ancient rollbacks but that it is simply not possible to save a copy of one; even if you are the rights owner and want to back up your own work. Second Inventory can help here, but it too has flaws - it doesn’t have any kind of mass restore functionality; and it can only save inventory - there’s no chance to save the layout within a region, only the individual contents of it. (...)

I have for a few months been testing an internal tool which allows you to export a OpenSim Archive from a Second Life Region - it was originally developed to export a clients region (their IP); but ended up being handy to preserve some of our workshops and builds from deletion when we closed the sims or rebuilt them. Today, I rewrote it - the previous version was based on the old libomv PrimWorkshop viewer, the new version is now based on the Simian Periscope (Periscope is a kind of multi-user version of GridProxy).

Before anyone asks, the modifications aren’t public - unfortunately for every legitimate user for a tool like this, there’s ten asshats prepared to use it as copybot deluxe, so the source is going to stay private (although I might release a binary version containing creator and permission checks similar to Second Inventory - we’ll see what my schedule looks like in the next few weeks)."


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