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Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009

Linden Labs Gold Solution Provider

Linden Lab hat die Gold Solution Provider bekannt gegeben:

"The new Gold Program identifies exceptionally qualified Solution Providers with a high level of client satisfaction, a track record of developing successful Second Life projects, and demonstrated expertise working with real world organizations. Today, we are inducting 31 Gold Solution Providers into the program who comes from the United States, Europe and Asia (full list of members below). They have business backgrounds in areas ranging from design and web development to marketing agencies and training, and have developed projects for multinational corporations, educational institutions, government agencies, and non-profits. (...)"

Gold Solution Provider Program Membership List

  • A&D Consultants (Italy)
  • Avatrian, LLC (US)
  • Beta Technologies (US/Portugal)
  • Bokowsky + Laymann GmbH (Germany)
  • Chant Newall Development Group LLC/FutureWork Institute (US)
  • Clarity International (Italy/UK)
  • Community Chest (France)
  • Corporation Pop (UK)
  • Cranial Tap, Inc. (US)
  • Daden Limited (UK)
  • depo USA, LLC (US/UK)
  • Designing Digitally, Inc. (US)
  • Firesabre Consulting (US)
  • Gronstedt Group (US)
  • Hermes-PPMM (UK/Netherlands)
  • Ill Clan Animation Studios (US)
  • Indusgeeks Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (India)
  • Involve, Inc. (US)
  • ISN Virtual Worlds (Italy)
  • MadeVirtual Ltd. (UK)
  • Metabirds Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • Moderne Interactive (US)
  • New Business Horizons Ltd (UK)
  • Popcha! (US)
  • Siterma VWP (US)
  • Stonfield InWorld (France)
  • The Magicians (US)
  • virtual-e Ltd (UK)
  • Virtualis Center/Corporation Planners Unlimited (US)
  • VirtualMind (formerly SecondMind) (Spain)
  • Youin3D GmbH (Germany)

Nur Youin3D und Bokowsky + Laymann sind aus Deutschland vertreten. Alle Anbieter finden sich im Solution Provider Directory.

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