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Freitag, 26. März 2010

#SL Education: Why Teach in Second Life?

Neue Website von Linden Lab:

Virtual Worlds Enable Real Life Learning

"Virtual worlds solve many of the challenges faced by educational institutions. Today, hundreds of colleges, universities, and other learning organizations--from nearly every country--are either augmenting their current curriculum with a virtual learning component or they are holding classes and entire programs exclusively in immersive learning environments in Second Life.

Second Life's persistent virtual environments enable students to work together synchronously and then return, individually or as a team. The learning space is always available, not just for geographically dispersed groups but even those who meet regularly in the physical world. This is particularly useful when students require more flexible schedules or need to work asynchronously on the same project.

Second Life amplifies learning beyond capabilities afforded by teleconference calls and web presentation tools--but it also creates opportunities for field trips inside virtual organs, machines and other environments that go far beyond the walls of traditional learning spaces. Training simulations are also incredibly powerful in Second Life because they simulate complex, processes in the physical world and avatars can take on different roles to enhance learning. Great examples are how Loyalist College trains Border Patrol agents or how Imperial College trains medical students. What makes Second Life training so powerful? You feel like you're there. We call it a sense of "presence". You just have to experience it to understand it. Already, many prominent educational institutions and organizations understand it and are creating virtual learning environments to deliver a wide range of courses, field trips, and events including:

  • Distance and Flexible Education
  • Presentations and Discussions
  • Historical Recreations
  • Simulations and Role-Playing
  • Multimedia and Games Design
  • Language Learning Practice"


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