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Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

Share Second Life With Twitter

"While working on new scripting features, we built a library that allows scripts in Second Life to talk to Twitter on our internal prototype platform. We recognized that this could be really useful to the Second Life community. And so with the help of residents Cale Flanagan, Latif Khalifa and Strife Onizuka, we converted it to run on the current LSL scripting platform.

What this means (...) is that you can now let people Tweet from within Second Life in a safe and secure way, without having to set up external Web servers, and without requiring Residents to re-enter credentials if they want to use Twitter from inworld.

The Twitter OAuth Library allows any object in Second Life to send updates to Twitter when any interaction you define occurs. What sorts of applications could utilize this new ability? The possibilities are endless! But here are a few ideas we think would be cool, just to get your wheels turning:

  • Having a HUD with a “Tweet” button that lets a Resident Tweet out their SL location at any time.
  • The ability for a vendor to send out updates when hot selling inventory is moving off the virtual shelves.
  • A dance machine that informs your Twitter followers that you're hitting your favorite Second Life dance floor.
  • A scoreboard that can send out scores and results of games taking place inworld.

Getting Started

To get started with the Twitter OAuth Library for Second Life, check this wiki page, and take a look at this video of the Twitter OAuth Library in action. And an LSL version of the Twitter OAuth Library is now available on Xstreet SL"

via Gisele Linden

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