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Donnerstag, 23. April 2009

Metameets Conference


First Annual Metameets Conference, Amsterdam
Friday, May 22 – Sunday, May 24 2009

MetaMeets09: A European conference addressing the present and future of user-created virtual worlds such as Second Life, Active Worlds, OpenSim and more...."

Registration can as follows

* First 50 persons register will get a discount fee of 100 euro
* Full price 150 euro untill 30th of April 2009
* After 30 April 2009 fee will be raised to 180 euro

(via MetaMeets)

1 Kommentar:

  1. Due that we are going to move from veneu to a place that is just as good and even able to support our needs we can now lower our prices.

    so Three days till 10th of may 100 euro and after that because of beverages reasons will be raised to 150 euro.

    Hope to see you in Amsterdam!!

    JoJa Dhara
    from MetaMeets Team