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Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2008

3DXplorer Virtual World in Java

Eine virtuelle Welt ohne PlugIn- oder Software Download:

"Some key characteristics of 3DXplorer are:

  • Enterprise friendly: can be used inside enterprise firewalls, does not require any open port
  • Browser-based: accessible to all, can be embedded inside any web page
  • Plug-in-less: No software to install
  • Java-based (Java 5 and above, Java 6 recommended).
  • Runs on any computer: PCs running Windows and Linux, Mac
  • Runs with any popular browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • Multiuser with Avatars: Create your own look / Animations: walk, run, shake hands, hug, laugh, dance, etc. / Integrated Chat and Skype
  • Open for importing custom User-Generated 3D Content, objects or scenes: 3DS, COLLADA from any modeler including Autodesk's 3DSMax, Maya, Revit, Inventor, Google's Sketchup, and also LightWave 3D, Softimage, Blender, Houdini, Rhino...
  • Customize 3D scenes with imported images and sounds audio, changing colors and materials, adding hyperlinks, and more…
  • Collaboration: Present in 3D, collaborate, Meet in 3D, work together thanks to the Online Meetig features
  • Secure: Password protect any world
  • Secure: Your 3D data is reformated into a proprietary format and protected
  • Programmable: API supporting JavaScript, PHP, HTML"


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